The Insulation Battle

While I read through the screeds of articles on Rental Properties not meeting the deadline for insulation installation, I cannot see how people can pity these Landlords.

As outlined in an article printed by the NZ Herald today, Landlords have litte excuse!

It is a subscribers restricted article, but it discusses the fact that Landlords and Property Managers have had 4 years to sort this out. In July 2015 housing minister at the time, Nick Smith introduced the new rule. In some circumstances Landlords have been eligible to council and Government susidies to help ensure their properties meet regulations. Yet many have done nothing, The Green Party suggested that there are tens of thousands of rental properties yet to be properly insulated on the eve of the rules coming into force.

Why is it then that only 400 ish submissions were made in the first week? Personally I think they got the recipe a bit wrong! You see as it sits now, if a rental property is not insulated, then it is up to the Tenant to approach them in the first instance to see when it will be done. If not resolved they are then expected to go to the Tribunal to make a complaint. Now tell me what Tenant in todays market is going to do that? A very brave one I would say. Yes they may be $4,000 better off, however they also run the risk of being blacklisted with other Property Managers and Landlords. And in todays market we are all too aware of the rental shortage.

It is a requirement, and has been since 2016,that insulation statements must be disclosed at the signing of all new tenancy agreements. Therefore Tenancy Services must have, on their records, a list of Landlords that have failed to submit this statement. Surely that would send out a red flag to the Compliance and Investigation team and allow them to be able to carry out random audits? Yes I hear you now, under resourced, underfunded…..well maybe they should have allowed a $2K fine in compensation to the Landlord and $2K to the Tenancy Tribunal to pay for these inspections to take place. At least then Landlords would be a little more reluctant to take the chance!

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