Landlords V’s Tenants

The Battle Continues!

Unfortunately there have been two basic incidents announced over the past week, where Landlords/ Property Managers have failed to meet their obligations.

One Wellington Landlord began construction work in a tenants back yard after only giving the tenant 5 days notice, allegedly limiting her chances of additional income from live streaming in her back yard, not to mention the disruption caused for more than 5 months. Surprisingly the adjudicator involved ordered the Landlord to pay $1,000.00 in compensation. You have to ask yourself, in todays market where Wellington’s average asking rent on Trade me has hit $595 a week, is $1,000 enough of a deterrent to enforce these Landlords to comply? Personally, I think he got off extremely light. Read the full story here.

The second incident involved Quinovic Kent Terrace being ordered to pat two tenants $3075 following inconveniencies which occurred when their Wellington Apartment had a wall put up, blocking their main source of sunlight. Again, it was for construction purposes and although only set to take six weeks, as many construction jobs do, it stretched on for seven months. The Principle of the Property Management company made a statement of “not having any idea which apartment you’re talking about because all of those apartments were blocked off due to construction”. Hmmmm, maybe he was lucky then that only 2 tenants went to the tribunal. Full Story here.

In an industry that is on a “hiding to nowhere” at the moment, it is time that Property Managers and Landlords started showing some initiative in regulating their industry before the government steps in further. The legislation is all in place and it is only a matter of time before tenants start jumping on the bandwagon to make things more difficult!

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