The iCompli App is the perfect tool to use as a rental property inspection checklist for landlords.

With all the recent changes to legislation, landlords are feeling overwhelmed. Private landlords are looking at options for property management that is affordable and is going to help achieve a great return on investment. As a result, iCompli have responded by developing a new mobile compatible App. It is affordable accessible and easy to use. While at the same time being comprehensive enough to ensure that all enactments of the law are met.

For a residential property to be lawful, all enactments of the law must be met. This includes:

iCompli is easy to use, offering landlords an opportunity to be able to record all aspects of the rental property. Let us keep you up to date with the latest legislation as it changes. You will also receive a liveability rating which will allow you to market your property accordingly in todays competitive market.

Get your rental property inspection checklist on one easy App. Save on inspection reports and property management fees and ensure you are getting maximum return on investment.