New regulations for landlords came into action on 1st July 2019.

These include but are not limited to ceiling and underfloor insulation being installed where it is reasonably practicable. The insulation must comply with regulations and be safely installed.

A landlord must also provide one or more fixed heating devices that is capable of heating the main living room to 18 degrees.

Rental homes must provide ventilation in all habitable rooms and kitchens and bathrooms must have extractor fans which are ventilated to the outside.

Rental properties must have efficient drainage for removal of all storm water, surface water and ground water. Properties that have a space between the floor and the ground must also have a ground moisture barrier.

Draught stopping is a further responsibility that must be considered in the new Healthy Homes regulations including closing off all fireplaces if they are not in use.

These new regulations for landlords have caused much confusion. Interpretation is complex, leaving landlords and property managers baffled. 

That is why iCompli have developed the new iCompli App. Read more in our brochure.

 An “unlawful premise” means that landlords are at risk of a $4,000 fine and as a property manager you are at risk of $1,000 fine per property.

The report is carried out on an electronic app. It measures if a property is compliant with the following ACTs:

Our App will help ensure that the new regulations for landlords are met. Property managers can rest assured they have the perfect tool to meet their requirements. It is easy to use, accessible and affordable. Share your documents with others easily.

Additionally you will receive a Certificate of Compliance with an A-E liveability rating that you can use in marketing and promotional material.