Increasing Rental Property Liveability Standards.

The Current Pressures on landlords

It is not the many but the few that lead to the headlines such as “Child in Hospital Due to Damp Rental House”.

The majority of landlords are great and do a good job providing liveable homes for their tenants to live in.

The Certificate of Compliance has been developed over the last three years with the goal of working towards increasing the liveability of rental properties across New Zealand. It will help the good houses stand out from the bad and give the tenant an understanding of the liveability of house they are living in.

We have just seen the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2019 pass into law and with it comes three new regulations: ‘Liability for Damage’, ‘Methamphetamine and Contaminants’ and ‘Premises Unlawful for Residential Use’.

In the last 2-3 years there has been change after change, regulation after regulation that has been introduced or speculated upon (i.e. Capital Gains Tax).

With this constantly changing environment, it can be hard for landlords to get their heads around all of the changes, let alone implementing them across their property portfolios.

The Solution – Certificate of Compliance

The Certificate of Compliance checks your compliance against all relevant legislation. If you do not meet any of the regulations or standards, you will be notified of exactly what those areas are and the date in which you need to meet compliance. (This will be located on the certificate you receive).

Furthermore, the Certificate of Compliance assesses the liveability of your property over more than 140 different points of measure. At the completion of a property inspection, a grading from A-E is provided for the property.

The national grading standard will let tenants distinguish between the level of liveability of different properties. For instance, if they are looking between a home that is rated an ‘A’ and another with a rating of ‘D’, they can immediately see that there is a difference in quality.

Likewise, the rating system can be attractive for landlords as they can justify charging a higher rent rate for an ‘A’ property as opposed to a ‘D’ property. There is more value for the tenant knowing they are being provided a warmer, dryer home and therefore they will be willing to pay more.

Contact the team at i-Compliant about how the Certificate of compliance can help you to meet compliance by phoning 03 929 1403 or email [email protected]

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