iCompli – The International App for Rental Properties

The parent company of iCompli is an international  company dealing with multiple projects globally.

 Three years ago, iCompli was formed to look at how we could improve the liveability standards of rental properties  in New Zealand.

After three years of research and development  using information from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA  and the UK; the team quickly came to the conclusion that all of the mentioned countries had similar requirements: They all paper based reporting systems during rental property inspections.

iCompli have developed a unique App that delivers a consistent reporting system and eliminates the paper based system. It is designed to assist the management of rental properties from a landlord/property manager’s perspective and allows tenants access to this same system to evaluate a new rental property prior to signing a lease.

The system is unique to the rental market across all continents. One of the outstanding features of iCompli is the result of research in the USA of the unique grading system. We looked at the grading system of hotels which are rated by stars; one being not so good and five being first-class. We found during our research that the majority of people going on holidays use the rating system for hotels  as a means of selecting their accommodation. 

We use the same principles in the App, why would you not have a rating system on your rental property similar to hotels?

Do you want to live in a warm, mould free rental property?  The answer is yes you do. Now there is a system out there to manage and rate rental properties; based and implemented on international research. The App is free to download with only a small fee payable on the completion of the report. The completed report includes photos and a final grading from AA to E.

 Once the global lockdown is over it’s time to focus on health and safety of the human race. To do this, the first step is to ensure that we all live in a comfortable clean and healthy environment.

 This can all be managed simply from a mobile device.

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