Disputes Between Landlords and Tenants Over the Condition of Rental Properties

An all too common occurrence in the Tenancy Tribunal is the dispute between landlords and tenants over the condition of a property at the end of a tenancy period.

A recent case saw a tenant held responsible for damage caused to the carpet from animals, for a sum of $6500!

The tenant disputed the findings of the Tenancy Tribunal saying that the damage was not as severe as the landlord had made out.


As mentioned, this case is not a one-off occurrence. For many reasons, there are often disputes over the condition of properties ranging from a poor initial inspection where things are missed, problems that aren’t made aware to the landlord by the tenant and where there are differing opinions on the same ‘issue’.

Similar cases of note:

Tenancy Tribunal sides with tenant in carpet-cleaning dispute:


How to Prevent any Disputes? The Certificate of Compliance.

Evidence is critical in preventing any disputes from occurring at the Tenancy Tribunal.

The i-Compli mobile app is currently under development. Once completed, it will enable landlords, property managers and tenants to have a standardised measure on the compliance and liveability of rental properties across New Zealand.

The app will assess the compliance of a rental property against all relevant legislation and provide a liveability report which is measured by over more than 140 questions.

At the completion of a property assessment, a Certificate of Compliance will be provided for the property with an accompanying liveability grading.

Utilising the Certificate of Compliance over regular inspection periods (i.e. Quarterly) not only provides sufficient evidence but with over 140 points of measure, it offers a greater level of detail.

For more information about the Certificate of Compliance, contact our team by phoning 03 929 1403 or by emailing [email protected]

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