It’s coming…’s real…….it’s happening……NOW

Change is inevitable. The population is changing, customer trends are changing, technology is changing. Businesses who fail to embrace change run the risk of becoming dinosaurs – out of touch and unable to compete under current conditions.

I am surprised, after being involved in the Real Estate industry over the past 18 months, just how adverse to change the industry is. So much so, that the government has had to step in and force their hand.

To succeed in business means to adapt. DVD’s are a thing of the past, quickly replaced by Netflix, Lightbox, & Neon. Bricks and Mortar have fast been replaced with online shopping…..….the list goes on

So I am surprised to see the number of Landlords and Property Managers who are still manually carrying out inspections.

Although initially disruptive, change means new opportunities, creativity and increase in productivity.

While MBIE roll out a seemingly “strategic attack” on the Dunedin region, is it really a surprise? The industry has had so much time and warning to get their properties up to standard, do they seriously think there was going to be no consequences?

I have to say that I am extremely excited to be involved in the development and recent launch of a New App that measures Rental Compliance. Especially when I see and hear of other organisations charging fees ranging anywhere from $55- $180 for inspections.

So to the 20 companies that made it on to this list…..

Kudos to you! Embrace Change!

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