Certificate of compliance - what is it?

Certificate of Compliance

What is the iCompli App?


The iCompli App is a comprehensive inspection tool for rental properties. It is a tool designed to measure and help improve the liveability of all rental properties across New Zealand.  

The Certificate of Compliance is a document that is produced from our iCompli Rental Property Inspection App.

The Certificate of Compliance reminds landlords and property managers of their obligations to meet the requirements of the: 

Over the past 3 years, iCompli has been working alongside stakeholders for insight on what should be included in the Certificate of Compliance. This includes but is not limited to Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE), Tenancy Services, Councils, property investors and property managers across New Zealand. As a result, we intend to develop a tool to measure the quality and liveability standard of the rental property stock in New Zealand. Using the latest software, the current conditions and living standards of your property can now be measured and an overall liveability grade given. Subsequently, this provides both landlords and tenants a standardised and measurable system when looking at rental properties.

The standardised rating system ranges from AA-F, with AA being an excellent score and F being very poor. It will allow those with a good rating to market their property accordingly. As a result, landlords can get a maximum return on investment.

Benefits of utilising the iCompli App and having a Certificate of Compliance for your Property Portfolio include:

  • Removing the “Blame Game” of tenant vs landlord;
  • AA-F liveability rating to get a marketing edge;
  • Affordable;
  • Accessible;
  • Prioritise maintenance issues by level of importance;
  • Benchmark your portfolio and make improvements accordingly.


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