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Renting in New Zealand is Changing

Renting in New Zealand is Changing

“By 2024, New Zealand’s rental stock will be of the best quality, and tenants will be living in warm, dry and healthy homes, based on the Government’s healthy homes initiative.” “On paper, it seemed doable – insulation needed to be brought up to code, a heater should be fixed in all living rooms, and holes […]

Bring on the Silly Season!

The Christmas and New Year period is fast upon us and everyone is starting to wind-down and get ready to leave for their favourite holiday spots! Well almost everyone! This time of year also brings a manic phase for landlords and tenants with many tenancies (particularly in student towns) concluding on December 31st and many […]


It’s coming…’s real…….it’s happening……NOW Change is inevitable. The population is changing, customer trends are changing, technology is changing. Businesses who fail to embrace change run the risk of becoming dinosaurs – out of touch and unable to compete under current conditions. I am surprised, after being involved in the Real Estate industry over the past […]

The Insulation Battle

While I read through the screeds of articles on Rental Properties not meeting the deadline for insulation installation, I cannot see how people can pity these Landlords. As outlined in an article printed by the NZ Herald today, Landlords have litte excuse! It is a subscribers restricted article, but it discusses the fact that […]

Landlords V’s Tenants

The Battle Continues! Unfortunately there have been two basic incidents announced over the past week, where Landlords/ Property Managers have failed to meet their obligations. One Wellington Landlord began construction work in a tenants back yard after only giving the tenant 5 days notice, allegedly limiting her chances of additional income from live streaming in […]