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It’s coming…’s real…….it’s happening……NOW Change is inevitable. The population is changing, customer trends are changing, technology is changing. Businesses who fail to embrace change run the risk of becoming dinosaurs – out of touch and unable to compete under current conditions. I am surprised, after being involved in the Real Estate industry over the past […]

Landlords and Tenants Both Have Duties to Keep Homes Warm, Dry and Healthy

Constantly there seems to be a fierce battle portrayed in the media pitting landlords and tenants against each other. Landlords have been depicted as money-grabbing investors with no care about their tenants. Tenants have been depicted as hard done by; being provided with sub-par accommodation. These stories from the media only focus on a minute […]

Green Party Proposing a ‘Warrant of Fitness’ Scheme for Rental Properties.

What is being proposed? There have been calls for a Warrant of Fitness or a similar program to be implemented, which would assess the quality of New Zealand’s rental property stock. Well publicised in recent times, Marama Davidson and the Green Party have been advocating for a ‘Warrant of Fitness’ to be passed into law […]

Disputes Between Landlords and Tenants Over the Condition of Rental Properties

An all too common occurrence in the Tenancy Tribunal is the dispute between landlords and tenants over the condition of a property at the end of a tenancy period. A recent case saw a tenant held responsible for damage caused to the carpet from animals, for a sum of $6500! The tenant disputed the findings […]