Background of the iCompli App!

The iCompli App is now available to download through both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We take a look at the background of the Rental Inspection App and our journey focusing on what was the need for the app, continued development and how it can benefit the rental market in New Zealand.


The poor condition of many rental properties had been heavily publicised in the media. This led to many stories of children ending up in the hospital from living in these houses.

Even with legislative changes made by the government particularly to the Residential Tenancies Act, there hasn’t been a significant change in the outcomes.

Grading Standard vs Pass/Fail Measurement System

There have been numerous programs developed with the aim of measuring the condition of rental properties.

However, the outcomes of the inspection programs left a sour taste with many as the outcomes were confusing, too broad and the overall report lacked enough substance to identify what the real issues were.

An example highlighted in the media was a voluntary program that had been available to landlords to inspect their properties. Uptake was minimal, slow and the properties that were inspected all failed except for one.

With most properties failing over very minor and trivial issues, the general public, tenants, landlords, and property managers are left with no idea how bad the condition of the house is. The only known factor that is known is it has just failed.

What is needed? a better form of measurement that immediately identifies to all, the quality of the rental property. It also needs to be comparable to other properties, highlighting any differences that are present.

Enter the Certificate of Compliance

From the vast amount of research that was undertaken by iCompli, it was found that there were many more factors that were involved in determining the quality of the property than just measuring liveability factors.

There are several Compliance issues that need to be met due to recent legislative changes including the Healthy Homes Regulations and Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2019.

Therefore, a system was needed to incorporate all of the compliance factors not just measuring the performance of the property structure and condition. The outcome that iCompli reached, was to develop a system that could comprehensively measure the liveability of the house (With over 140 questions) while also ensuring the house is compliant against all regulations and laws.

Development of the iCompli Mobile App

The next step in the development of the program was creating a tool to deliver the Certificate of Compliance through.

Working alongside a software company for a few years, the program outgrew the limitations of the system that was being used. The software was only available through Apple ios and was not available on cell-phones, only iPads. The software also felt ‘clunky’ and not the easiest to use or attractive to the eye.

So, the next step was to work with an external company, starting from the ground up and create our own software from scratch.

Working alongside a development company we have been able to create a Rental Inspection App that is available on all Android and ios capable devices. It also has the benefit of being user-friendly and simple to use.

Download the iCompli app here and be one of the first to have a liveability grading attributed to your rental property!

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